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The Holocaust™ - Organized Jewry's Psychological Weapon Against Westerners, Particularly Americans

SYNOPSIS: The purpose of this article is to explain how the "Holocaust" is used as a psychological weapon against the American public and, more broadly, against the greater Western World.  The "Holocaust" is a Psy-op "product" -- a product that is branded, packaged, and sold.  What are Jews selling? They are selling so-called "Jewish victimhood" ... so-called "Jewish suffering."

Think of the word "Holocaust" as a marketing brand. It is an extremely powerful brand because Jews have been promoting it via their domination of American news media and Hollywood. The end result? A Pavlovian-type response from John/Jane Q. Citizen when he/she hears the word "Holocaust." A person simply says the word "Holocaust" and the average American experiences an emotion of sadness/horror and, "... oh those poooooor poooooor Jews and those evil, horrible Nazis.... terrible... just terrible... the horror of it all." If that's how you feel when you hear the word "Holocaust" then you have been conditioned due to a lifetime of watching American TV/film/etc (which is Jewish dominated).

John/Jane Q. Citizen's emotion-laden response is the primary purpose and goal of a decades-long, Jewish driven "Holocaust" campaign. This campaign went into overdrive in August 1971 (NOTE: It started during the Nuremberg Trials following WWII but was radically accelerated in 1971). Incidentally, prior to 1971, the actual word "Holocaust" wasn't a word any American had ever heard of. The word "Holocaust" came out of a focus group meeting at the Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna, Austria. The goal was to brand this particular WWII event (i.e., that which involved Jews, camps, etc) and ultimately cause a Pavlovian-type response when a person simply heard the word "Holocaust."

They chose "Holocaust" because they felt it was both memorable and descriptive. Further, they made sure it was always spelled with a capital "H" to elevate its "importance." Next, the Jewish Documentation Center and later the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles endlessly promoted the "Holocaust" brand to the public in conjunction with their brethren in Jewish-dominated Hollywood.

So what's this all about? Basically, Jews want you to feel sorry for them. Why? Because any group of people viewed as "victims" tend to be allowed much leeway within society. Perceived "victims" get away with doing all kinds of questionable acts (simply consider what Israel gets away with) because of human tendency to side with the perceived underdog/victim. Hence, most people naturally think, "oh give them a break... haven't those poor people suffered enough...".  This tactic works like a charm.

It's important to grasp this particular Jewish tactic -- keep your eyes and ears open for it in your day-to-day life. Once you recognize this tactic in a media story, film, news item, etc you'll have begun the process of becoming "awake" (at least with respect to the "Holocaust").

Let's look at the actual brand names.  There's the main brand, Holocaust™, as well as several (I call them) sub-brands.

Holocaust™ (the all-encompassing brand -- the main brand -- the 'top-level' brand)

And, as just stated, the "Holocaust" is also marketed to the public with many sub-brands which fall into two categories (incidentally, these are repeated so often in the media, they essentially become powerful brands in their own right):

1 - Single words/names ....and

2 - Slogans

Again, I'll repeat this very important point -- think of these additional words/names/slogans as sub-brands since they fall under the all-encompassing brand --> Holocaust™. The most common of the Holocaust™ sub-brands are:

Auschwitz™ (there were many German-run camps and yet we only hear about Auschwitz - this was a deliberate decision by the Jewish propagandists - keep the public focused on a single camp because they'll remember the name of one camp, but if you throw 20 camps at them, they'll remember none).

6 Million™ (more like 1 million Jews died of all causes -- Jewish deaths resulted from, 1) pro-Soviet Jews fighting as partisans on the Eastern front, 2) massive USAF/RAF carpet bombings of Germany and other Axis targets, and 3) starvation/disease which was rampant in the camps and elsewhere in Europe at the tail end of the war, as nearly everyone, Jews and Gentiles, were starving/dying of disease since Europe was in ruins).

Never Again™ (the implication is that all of humanity must work to protect Jews).

Never Forget™ (the implication is that Jews must be classified as the "ultimate victim group," thus setting the stage for ongoing monetary restitution and sympathy for Jews).

Oh the horror™ (Jews seem to 'love' the word "horror" as its more dramatic sounding than, say, "tragedy" or "abomination"... nearly every Holocaust story will use "horror" to characterize some event of the Holocaust).

Gas Chambers™ (yes, but only for delousing clothes and mattresses; no human was ever gassed to death by the Germans).

Anne Frank™ (they've marketed her as a sort of 'martyr').

Perished™ (Jews never say "died" when referring to the Holocaust... instead they always use the more dramatic word "perished").

The Holocaust is the most documented genocide in human history™ (and yet no concrete documentation... FYI: Bad Arolsen's I.T.S. archive amounts to nothing more than 28MM documents of chaff... it's nothing more than standard and mundane German records pertaining to all facets of the war).

My whole family was wiped out™ (absurd... they all say this... impossible to check out their stories).

We fled the Nazis in 1933™ (1934, 1935, 36, 37... fill in the year). Jews like the word "fled" because it sounds dramatic - as if Jews were running from SS soldiers shooting at them. In reality, 95% of Jews simply felt the pressure, packed their belongings, bought a train or boat ticket, boarded, and left Germany.

We lived in an attic/cellar/closet/etc for 3 years hiding from the Nazis™ (the odd frequency of such stories combined with their absurdity makes them not believable).

Dr. Mengele™ (one of many doctors at Auschwitz™ and yet seemingly every Jew amazingly had an encounter with him.  Further Dr. Mengele was a hygienist MD who worked at Auschwitz™ to examine inmates for proper hygiene in order to keep them alive).

Angel of Death™ (the moniker of Dr. Mengele - "Angel of Death???" Straight from a Hollywood script writer).


As with any business, the "Holocaust" needs a corporate spokesman:
Elie Wiesel - The "Patron Saint" of the Holocaust™ 

Further, the Holocaust™  industry has a headquarters facility - The Simon Wiesenthal Center.  The Holocaust™ industry also has a separate facility for marketing operations (and also acting as its flagship indoctrination center) ... The Museum Of Tolerance.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center  1399 Roxbury Drive Los Angeles, CA 90035

The Museum Of Tolerance (operated by The Simon Wiesenthal Center)
9786 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is the de facto headquarters where Jewish propagandists scheme and strategize on how best to use the so-called "Holocaust" as a psychological weapon against the Western World.  The Simon Wiesenthal Center works closely with their Jewish brethren in Hollywood to flood Western media with endless films/TV mini-series', as well as both print and broadcast "news" items which perpetuate "Holocaust" dogma.  Holocaust "survivors" on the public school speaking circuit get their talking points (i.e., guidelines) from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  The objective is to maintain a public perception of Jews being, "the ultimate victim group."  Incidentally, the two other main "Holocaust" propaganda mills are the ADL offices in New York and Yad Vashem in Israel.

Regarding the Museum Of Tolerance... tolerance???  What "tolerance" have Jews shown the Palestinians in the 65 years after they stole their land?  What "tolerance" have Jews ever shown Christians, Muslims, or any Gentile peoples?  Each day, school buses filled with impressionable children visit this "museum" where they are implicitly told that Whites are evil, horrible, racist, enslaving oppressors.  In short, this "museum" indoctrinates school children to hate Whites.  Everything Jews accuse Germans of, Jews are guilty of, whereas Germans are, for all intents and purposes, guilty of none such things.  While Jews will never publicly admit it, they feel superior to all Gentiles (Jews refer to non-Jews as "goy" i.e., cattle).  Jews call themselves "The Chosen People."  Hence, the corollary is that if you're not Jewish, you're not chosen (i.e., you're "less").  This mindset is known as Jewish Supremacism. 
Take thirty minutes out of your busy life and learn the truth about the holocaust... What Was The Holocaust... What Actually Happened?

Lastly, organized Jewry uses the Holocaust™ as a way to unify all Jewish people.  How???  By constantly reminding Jews of the Holocaust, this embeds a collective victimhood psyche in the mind of each Jew... a victimhood of "epic proportion" (i.e.,  the supposed "6 million" Holocaust victims).  This historical "memory" is generally felt by each and every Jew in the world.  Guilt is placed on the Germans but, even more broadly, guilt is pinned on the whole of the Western World for supposedly "remaining silent while the 'gas chambers' were operating around the clock."  Amazingly, some Jewish "scholars" have even placed the entire world responsible for, "turning a blind eye to this supposed mass genocide of 6 million Jews."  The end result???  A "us -vs- them" psyche in each and every Jew's mind (i.e., "we Jews must stick together and be on constant guard against the Gentiles").  In closing, the unifying use of the "Holocaust" is something which many Jews openly promote - dozens of books by Jewish authors have been published on the topic of the "Holocaust" being a powerful and very effective force toward maintaining cohesion of world Jewry.


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Israeli Rabbi Says Jews Should Rejoice That Europe Is Losing Its Identity

The "good" rabbi stated, "Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there." A Israel-based newspaper reported these and other hate-filled words of Baruch Efrati, a prominent Israeli rabbi. The bulk of the article follows...
As concerns grow over the increasing number of Muslims in Europe, it appears not everyone is bothered by the issue, including an Israeli rabbi who even welcomes the phenomenon. Rabbi Baruch Efrati, a yeshiva head and community rabbi in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, believes that the Islamization of Europe is actually a good thing.
Rabbi Efrati was asked to discuss the issue by an oriental studies student, who inquired on Judaism's stand toward the process Europe has been going through in recent years. Following the election of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman as the mayor of the Bosnian city of Visoko for the first time in continent's history, the student asked the rabbi on the Kipa website: "How do we fight the Islamization of Europe and return it to the hands of Christians and moderates?"
Efrati wrote in response that the Islamization of Europe was better than a Christian Europe for ethical and theological reasons – as a punishment against Christians for persecuting the Jews and the fact that Christianity, as opposed to Islam, is considered "idolatry" from a halachic point of view.
"Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there," the rabbi explained as the ethical reason for favoring Muslims, quoting shocking descriptions from the Rishonim literature (written by leading rabbis who lived during the 11th to 15th centuries) about pogroms and mass murders committed by Christians against Jews.
"We will never forgive Europe's Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity."
"And now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won't be able to atone for."
He added, however, that Jews must pray that the Islamization of most of Europe will not harm the people of Israel.
Such views are held by most Jews, to one degree or another. However, most Jews will never openly state their hatred for Christianity nor their hatred for White Gentiles. It is important to understand that Europe's historical persecution of Jews was largely retaliatory in nature. Through the centuries, Jews would settle in some area of Europe and typically meddle with the local customs and trade practices (in many cases subvert or pervert them). The native Europeans of [fill in the blank] European nation would become justifiably angry and thus retaliate. Jews would then typically be evicted from whichever European nation where they were troublemakers. Jews have been thrown out of more than 150 nations during the past 1,000 years alone. And regarding the grossly exaggerated and lie-filled "Holocaust" story - this was also rooted in the same type of social/political situation. I urge you to read my article, What Was The Holocaust... What Actually Happened?


Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Been A Month Since Andrew Adler (A Jewish American Publisher) Wrote An Op-Ed Proposing That Israel Should Assassinate Obama. Any Punishment?



It's been a month since the above "American" Jew openly proposed that Israel's MOSSAD (an Israeli agency like our CIA) should assassinate President Obama. The Secret Service paid him a visit but nothing came of it - no arrest, no jail time, no charges filed, etc.

Adler denied being an Israel-Firster (one who puts Israel's interests first, even if pursuing those interests harms his/her own country) though nobody in his/her right mind buys Adler's claim. Let's just say Andrew Adler is about as patriotic as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were.

Adler later apologized but only after he got a slap on the wrist from his Jewish brethren (who most likely forced him to apologize).  Mr. Adler's only crime in the minds of his Jewish brethren was that he (Adler) publicly wrote what many Jewish elite surely talk about amongst themselves in private. Further, to create an illusion of formal censure against him, Mr. Adler resigned "under pressure" (wink) from his post at the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Did the mainstream media cover this story?? Barely. Outside of Atlanta, Adler's call for Obama to be assassinated was, for all intents and purposes, ignored by national media outlets. But just for a second imagine if a Muslim American did the same thing? Or imagine if a White Christian American did this? It would be front page news from L.A. to New York. But, a Jew does it and he gets off with a simple apology.

Q: What does this tell you about the power structure in the United States?

A: Jews run this country, every institution, from top to bottom.

Article Link:
Major Media Suppressing Obama Assassination Story

Andrew Adler's Op-Ed In The Atlanta Jewish Times:


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jews Should Get Over The Holocaust

What Was The Holocaust... What Actually Happened?
Over the past 20 years I have read - with a very open mind - roughly 40 books on the Holocaust. So just what exactly was the Holocaust? What happened during that period?

During World War II, Germany rounded up millions of civilians (both Jews and non-Jews) who could be potential saboteurs, belligerents, spies, informants, messengers of the enemy, subversives, etc. Germany put them in camps whilst the war was going on. At the end of the war, Germany planned to move them elsewhere (assuming Germany had won WWII). With regard to the Jews, Hitler had considered moving them to Madagascar (yes, you read that correctly, Madagascar). With that said, and despite what Jewish dominated Hollywood has been peddling for the past several decades, there was never, I repeat never, a plan to kill the Jews of Europe. Hitler's "Final Solution" was a plan to relocate Jews out of Europe - it was not a plan to exterminate them. This distinction cannot be emphasized enough.

As it turned out, the vast majority of such potential subversives were, in fact, Jews. Why? Because Jews were overwhelmingly leftist, communist, Marxist, etc and thus many were naturally sympathetic to the USSR (which was of course communist and at war with Germany). For these reasons, Jews couldn't be trusted. Hence they were put in secured camps along with anyone, of any religion/creed/ethnicity/race/nationality, who may potentially engage in subversive activities. Homosexuals were put in not because they were homosexual but rather because homosexuals are almost universally, politically speaking, leftist. Thus homosexuals were put in the camps because of their subversive politics, not because of their sexuality.

Incidentally, the USA did the exact same thing with the Japanese and to a lesser extent German and Italian Americans. FDR put them in camps because they couldn't be trusted during the war (the U.S. was of course fighting against Japan, Germany, and Italy). Further, the practice of rounding up potential belligerents and holding them in camps is extremely common during war - you will find this to be true when studying the history of warfare: from the ancient Greeks, the ancient Chinese - you name it - rounding up potential belligerents has always been a common practice during war, all throughout recorded history.

So what about all these Jews who allegedly died in and around the camps? Well, the majority who died did so in the final months of the war (perhaps 600,000 at most). In late 1944 and early 1945, the Allies were bombing Germany into the stone age. Roads, bridges, rail lines, etc were destroyed and hence Germany could no longer supply the various internment camps with food and medicine. The result? A lot of people died of disease and starvation both in the camps and all throughout Germany, including huge numbers of German civilians.

Regarding the gas chambers... yes, there were indeed gas chambers but they were used to disinfect the prisoners (and their clothes) as a measure to prevent typhus from spreading. Zyklon-B was the chemical used for this purpose; it was the standard disinfectant chemical used in Europe at that time. Jews have manipulated this and claim, "the Nazis gassed 6 million Jews to death." Absolute nonsense. There is no evidence of this, none. What tourists are shown at Auschwitz is easily refuted. For example, the lone "gas chamber" at Auschwitz I (i.e., Auschwitz Camp 1; there is also an Auschwitz II, called Auschwitz-Birkenau, 3 km away) was built/modified by the Soviets after the war for propaganda purposes; the Polish government has acknowledged this (Auschwitz is in Poland, not Germany). Regarding Auschwitz-Birkenau's (i.e., Auschwitz II's) so-called "homicidal gas chambers," I refer you to this excellent critical analysis:

So what was life in the camps really like? In short, the camps were run in an orderly and humane manner. They met all International Red Cross standards for POW camps (they were regularly inspected by the Red Cross). The German-run camps were very similar to the American camps for Japanese-Americans, German-Americans, and Italian-Americans (e.g., Manzanar in California for Japanese-Americans).

Are there Holocaust survivors who speak honestly about their experience? Yes. In 1994 Steven Spielberg created the Shoah Foundation. This project involved interviewing some 52,000 Holocaust survivors and recording their testimonies. Hundreds if not thousands of survivors gave honest assessments of their treatment in the camps, indicating it was humane. As evidenced by countless detailed Jewish survivor testimonies, recreational and cultural activities were available to the Jewish inmates: sports, art classes, musical performance, plays, etc. In 1998, Spielberg produced a "documentary" film called The Last Days which highlights five Jewish survivor testimonies from his Shoah Foundation archives. But of course Spielberg didn't choose any honest testimonies to highlight because they would undermine the "horror story" he wanted to implant in the public psyche. Researcher Eric Hunt visited the Shoah Foundation archives at Stanford University and copied numerous honest survivor testimonies. Here is a small sample:

One may wonder how is it that most Americans don't know about this? Easy. Americans are incredibly ignorant and gullible with regard to historical subjects. Americans are too busy watching sitcoms and sports to be bothered with studying history. Any "history" they do "learn" generally comes from TV and Hollywood movies. And these mediums are fully Jewish controlled (more on this below)... i.e., Jews make sure the truth about the Holocaust doesn't get out. Some may watch The History Channel and/or The Military Channel and think they're getting the truth about WWII, Hitler, and the Holocaust. But both of these cable channels are Jewish edited and provide extremely misleading and outright false accounts of such subjects. Hence, ignorant and misled Americans are easily manipulated into believing almost anything. To give you an example of just how ignorant Americans are: UCLA recently conducted a nationwide survey of 25 - 40 year old Americans. A staggering 56% could not name even a single Allied nation of World War II.

Anyway, let's move onto another aspect of the Holocaust. Regarding the Eastern Front, it is indeed true that many Jews were killed there. After Germany invaded the USSR in June 1941, they encountered, in addition to the Soviet troops, tens of thousands of partisan fighters, mostly Jewish. In response to this, Germany expanded the Einsatzgruppen which was then tasked with finding these partisans and capturing or killing them. Thus, these were not "innocent Jews" in the context of war, they were Soviet supporters (i.e., partisans) engaging in guerrilla warfare against the German troops.

That's what happened. That's the truth about the Holocaust.

But Jews have grossly exaggerated the Jewish death toll (more dead = more sympathy); they claim six million when in reality the number of Jewish deaths (of all causes) during WWII is more like one million (at most). Organized Jewry has turned the "Holocaust" (as they branded it back in the 1970's) into a marketing tool - selling to the public "Jewish victimhood" which garners world Jewry tremendous sympathy. Any Psychologist will tell you that people who are viewed as "victims" tend to get away with more than others. The Holocaust is essentially a psychological weapon which targets the Western World.  Further, the Holocaust is implicitly used as a sort of "moral excuse" for Jews to commit horrendous crimes against the Palestinians and also engage in warmongering against many Muslim countries. The Holocaust is also used to extort billions of dollars in reparations from Germany (as a financial payback for this supposed "Holocaust"). Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein explains this reparations racket in his book, The Holocaust Industry.

Here we see the warmongering technique in action. The Prime Minister of Israel pushing for war against Iran in order to prevent another Holocaust:

How do Jews get away with perpetuating this lie? They control Western mainstream media - this is their main weapon. What people see on TV and in films - and read in popular publications - contributes 95% to how they perceive matters of politics and history. On extremely rare occasion, a story exposing Jewish lies will "slip through the cracks" and be shown on mainstream media, as we see in the following. Incidentally, the editor at Good Morning America who allowed this piece to air was fired the next day:

There are thousands of researchers who have published countless books, videos, and technical papers on the Holocaust. For those wanting to explore this topic further, I refer you to the following:

Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour by Carolyn Yeager

Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations by Carlo Mattogno

Treblinka: Extermination Camp or Transit Camp? by Carlo Mattogno and Jurgen Graf

A Brief History of Forensic Examinations of Auschwitz by Germar Rudolf

Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the "Gas Chambers" of Auschwitz by Germar Rudolf

David Cole, a Jewish man, thoroughly debunks the Holocaust in a 7-part Youtube video. Part 1.

More Academic Books On The Holocaust:
The Barnes Review Books

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If Hitler Won World War II We'd Have A Better, More Just World Today

Legendary U.S. General George S. Patton realized late in the war that the United States fought the wrong country. Patton felt the U.S. should have sided with Germany to destroy Jewish Bolshevik/Communist USSR. This information comes from Patton's diary entries, letters he wrote to his wife, and comments he made to military officers and staff.

World War II was incredibly complex. However, in the final analysis, WWII was essentially a war between two competing ideologies: Nationalism -vs- Jewish Internationalism/globalism. Adolf Hitler and his allies fought to preserve the concept of Nationalism, not just for Germans but for all peoples the world over. Nationalism really just means the sovereignty of an ethnic people and the right of such ethnic people/nationalists - within their own bordered country - to self-determination.  What is meant by self-determination?  Self-determination just means an ethnic people preserving their unique culture & heritage and pursuing their collective goals as a unique people.  This applies to any ethnic peoples: Nigerians, Germans, Swedes, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Tibetans, etc.

On the other side of WWII was Jewish (Bolshevik) Internationalism (today we simply call this 'globalism'). In the 1920's, 1930's, and of course during WWII, powerful Jewish Internationalists were fervently advancing the Jewish worldview of eventually eliminating all nations... except for a Jewish homeland... (what was later to be - after WWII - the nation of Israel in 1948). Today we see that nothing has changed; Jewish Internationalism/globalism still works toward gradually "merging" all peoples of the world (particularly in the Western World) into one globalist system with a global government, global laws, consistent global culture, global bank, global currency, etc. In short, Jewish globalism (i.e., the weakening and eventual elimination of all nations) is the exact opposite of Nationalism (i.e., a world composed of nations ... specifically, ethnically homogenous and bordered nations). The Allied powers of WWII (led by Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, et al) were tools of International Jewry and thus de facto fighting for the Jewish globalist worldview. After the (Jewish run) Allies won WWII in 1945, International Jewish forces were then free to exercise a Jewish 'Sphere of Influence' over the greater Western World (and as we see today, increasingly over the rest of the world).

Alternatively, if Hitler had won World War II and then exercised a Nationalist 'Sphere of Influence' over the greater Western World, we'd have a more just, fair, and moral Western World today. The rest of the world would have similarly benefited had the Germans been victorious since German influence would have surely spread elsewhere (ideas such as non-usurious banking and strong family oriented culture would likely have spread globally).

Had Hitler won World War II, what would be different in the post war world? Here are a few examples:

1 - No USSR (the Soviet government murdered millions of its own people during its 70 year reign - to study this topic read the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; Hitler would have liberated the USSR, though taking large parts of its Western region for lebensraum, "living space")

2 - No cold war (because there would be no USSR)

3 - No Communist Eastern Europe/Iron Curtain (when WWII ended, Eastern Europe fell to Communism - this was part of Stalin's spoils of war)

4 - No Red China and Mao's subsequent killing of 40 - 60 million Chinese (the USSR created favorable conditions for Mao's Communists which ultimately led to Mao's victory over Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists in 1949, thus if no USSR, no Mao victory)

5 - No Communist North Vietnam (both the Soviet Union and Red China aided Ho Chi Minh)

6 - No Communist Cambodia and Pol Pot's slaughter of 2 million Cambodians (Red China aided Pol Pot)

7 - No dividing Korea into North Korea & South Korea (the Allies split Korea after WWII ended, with North Korea becoming Communist... another of Stalin's spoils of war)

8 - No Communist Cuba (given the previous, what support would Castro have had in the 1950's?)

9 - No Communism anywhere (Hitler was the world's most fervent anti-Communist)

10 - Liberalism & multiculturalism wouldn't dominate Western ethos (both are Jewish creations and both have always been heavily promoted/advanced by Jews; thus if no Jewish influence, then no liberalism and no multiculturalism... at least certainly nowhere near the degree we see today)

11 - No Cultural Marxism and no political correctness (these are social engineering "tools" which came out of the Jewish think tank known as the Frankfurt School)

12 - No third world immigration into Western nations (Jews wouldn't be in power positions to craft and force through liberal immigration laws; Jews are responsible for each and every Western nation's liberal immigration policy/laws, as all were orchestrated by a consortium consisting of the World Jewish Congress, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and B'nai B'rith)

13 - No depraved filth on TV, in movies, etc. (because Jews wouldn't run Hollywood)

14 - No widespread pornography (Jewish lawyers and Jewish activists were the main challengers of anti-obscenity laws, under the guise of "Freedom of Speech")

15 - There would still be prayer in public schools (Jewish lawyers were instrumental in banning prayer in public schools under the guise of so-called "separation of church and state," something that appears nowhere in the U.S. Constitution)

16 - No man-hating radical feminist movement (Jews such as Betty Friedan, Sonia Pressman, and Gloria Steinem, among others, were the key drivers of radical feminism)

17 - No Israel and all the problems it has brought the USA and the immeasurable misery it has wrought on the Palestinians

18 - Jews would be living in Madagascar (perhaps) and would be carefully monitored (Madagascar was one place Hitler considered as a Jewish homeland)

Many reading this will ask, "But what about the Holocaust?" The Holocaust has been grossly exaggerated by organized Jewry in order to create sympathy for Jews worldwide and thus help advance the Jewish agenda (i.e., people seen as victims tend to get their way). It is also used as a political weapon to justify Israeli militarism against the Palestinians. Hitler's Final Solution (rebranded in the early 1970's as the "Holocaust") was a plan to remove Jews from Europe, not to kill them. During WWII, just as the U.S. couldn't trust Japanese Americans, thus causing FDR to round many of them up and place them in concentration camps, Hitler couldn't trust Jews since many were partisans sympathetic to the USSR and hence they aided the USSR in various subversive, anti-German activities. Therefore the Nazis rounded up Jews and placed them in concentration camps.

Somewhere around one million Jews died during WWII (not six million) mostly due to disease and starvation in the final months of the war. Heavy Allied bombing of Germany and parts of German occupied Europe destroyed many roads, rail lines, and bridges making it impossible for Germany to adequately supply the camps with food and medicine. The result is that many Jews died of starvation and disease; and of course many non-Jews also died of starvation and disease (again, due to a massive Allied bombing campaign and its destruction of German transportation infrastructure). Lastly, there were no "gas chambers." Much has been written about this. To study the "gas chamber" subject, read the research papers published by Germar Rudolf & Carlo Mattogno (there are many others as well). To get a broad overview of the Holocaust, read my article, What Was The Holocaust... What Actually Happened?

It should also be noted that Hitler never wanted to "conquer the world." He simply wanted to safeguard Europe and the greater Western World from all manner of nefarious Jewish influence and, more broadly, safeguard the world-at-large specifically from, 1) usurious Jewish banking and, 2) Jewish-driven cultural degradation.

As previously stated, the Allied heads-of-State (Roosevelt, Churchill, et al) were puppets of International Jewry; each sold his soul for power and prestige. Again, as earlier stated, World War II was a war between two competing ideologies: Nationalism -vs- Jewish Bolshevik Internationalism/globalism -- unfortunately International Jewry won.

Was World War II "the good war" as is often claimed? No, it was exactly the opposite. The Allied victory marked the beginning of the end of Western Civilization.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Two Jewish-led Globalist Camps... In Competition For Global Control

There are two distinct ideological globalist camps, both led by Jews -- each camp competes with the other for global control:


2) THE NEOCON CAMP (loosely the "Conservative" camp)

First off, it is critical to understand that each ideological camp was created, developed, and fine-tuned by Jewish intellectuals. Without Jewish intellectuals, there wouldn't be a radical liberal school of thought (Communism, Socialism, Trotskyism, and all their supporting submovements/ideas such as feminism, gay rights, political correctness, etc.). Similarly, without Jewish intellectuals, there wouldn't be a Neocon school of thought.

The liberal Jewish camp is primarily led by Trotskyite Jews (or just fairly left leaning Jews) and their Gentile followers. They one day want to see something close to a borderless world or at least a world with weak/unenforced borders (like we see in the European Union today) with a global government based on the United Nations concept (or perhaps even the UN itself). The liberal Jewish camp also includes those who subscribe to Alter-globalism, a less radical leftist approach to globalism (at least when compared to Trotskyism). Anyway, both the Trotskyites & Alter-globalists are the "do-gooders" who naively dream of a John Lennon "Imagine" type world. They feel they can "love their way" to global power (though they can become violent against anyone who opposes their worldview). In the 1960's they were called the "New Left" (e.g., Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Max Horkheimer, Saul Alinsky, etc).

The Neocon Jewish camp (plus their Gentile followers) also want a borderless world but with a global government revolving around a NY-DC-LONDON-JERUSALEM axis. These are the exploitative-type Jews, the Super-Elite, who want 95% of global wealth in their hands and the rest of humanity in a "global plantation" type condition. They feel they can bomb their way to global power. Incidentally, the cold war Gentile warriors (e.g., Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., etc) and their Jewish globalist handlers (e.g., Henry Kissinger, Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Milton Friedman, etc) fall in this camp.

Pick almost any influential Jew and they'll rather neatly fit into either the liberal camp or the Neocon camp. However, it should be noted that occasionally you'll find a Jew who is primarily in the liberal camp but with one foot in the Neocon/Zionist camp (out of "tribal" loyalty to Israel).

NOTE: Some people on this list are not Jews. However, they are often referred to as "Jew-think Gentiles," i.e., they subscribe to and advance the globalist Jewish agenda (knowingly or unknowingly). 
NOTE: Many listed below are fully aware of the globalist agenda they are involved in. Others, however, are unaware and thus are simply "pawns", "tools", or "cogs in the machinery" of the globalist agenda they are (unknowingly) advancing.

LIBERAL GLOBALIST CAMP (JEWISH-LED) (in no particular order)
Noam Chomsky
George Soros and his Open Society Institute
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton (and Bill Clinton... of course)
Bernie Sanders (although he is against America's "free" trade treaties w/ China and other countries... I'll give him credit for this)
The radical elements of the Democratic Party (e.g., Dennis Kucinich, John Kerry)
Phyllis Bennis (Fellow, Institute for Policy Studies)
The Rockefeller Foundation
United Nations
Workers World
European Union
Any "Green" political party
Any Trotskyist, Marxist, Marxist-Leninist, Maoist, Stalinist, Luxemburgist, Hoxhaist i.e., any socialist/communist ideologue (of course)
Any radical "progressive" organization
International Committee Against Racism (and any anti-racist organization)
Any anti-Fascist organization
Any anti-Nationalist organization (of course)
All Hollywood film and television studios
Media Education Foundation
Nearly all U.S. and European Colleges & Universities
Organizations fighting Global Warming (but only the higher ups in these organizations are aware of the globalist agenda, the rank-and-file are well-meaning tools)
Greenpeace (but only the higher ups in this organization are aware of the globalist agenda, the rank-and-file are well-meaning tools)
Sierra Club (but only the higher ups in this organization are aware of the globalist agenda, the rank-and-file are well-meaning tools)
Carnegie Endowment For International Peace
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)
Michael Moore
Amy Goodman & the entire "Democracy Now!" lineup
HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch (and just about any human rights organization)
Norman Finkelstein (very critical of Israel, advocates for a borderless world, a lifelong Maoist)
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Naomi Klein
The Pope & much of the Vatican
The entire MSNBC lineup
Any radical/militant feminist organization
Any radical/militant gay rights organization
ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) - American Trotskyite organization
UAF (Unite Against Fascism) - British Trotskyite organization funded in part by George Soros
J-Street (with a foot in the ZIONIST camp but not in a militant way i.e., not in a "Likud-type" or "Kadima-type" way)
CODEPINK (radical feminist organization in the mold of militant, Anarcho-Communist Jewess Emma Goldman)
The Trilateral Commission (much debate surrounds the classification of this organization; I put it here)
L.A. Jews for Peace (each large city has a similar group)
ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)
Foreign Policy (political journal/magazine)
New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Ford Foundation
Tides Foundation (funded in part by Teresa Heinz-Kerry)
et al.

NEOCON GLOBALIST CAMP (JEWISH-LED) (in no particular order)
Benjamin Netanyahu
Rothschild Family
Sheldon Adelson
Mitt Romney
Alan Dershowitz (though a liberal on social issues)
Dennis Prager
Michael Medved
Most (or at least many) Clear Channel AM talk radio hosts
Bush Family
Dick Cheney
Henry Kissinger
Daniel Pipes
The 'hyper-warmongers/hawks/Israel-Firsters' of the Republican Party (e.g., Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio)
Glenn Beck (talk radio host)
The Weekly Standard (political magazine)
The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Times
Any publication by Rupert Murdoch
Foreign Affairs (political journal/magazine)
Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs)
Saban Center for Middle East Policy
European Jewish Congress
Koch Brothers
Steven Spielberg (though a liberal on social issues)
Rush Limbaugh (edit: as of June 2016, Limbaugh seems to be waking up... just a bit)
Ayn Rand (particularly her economic ideology)
Alan Greenspan
Ben Bernanke
Leo Strauss (known as the father of the Neocon movement)
Chaim Weizmann (key historical figure)
David Ben-Gurion (key historical figure)
AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)
CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)
Hoover Institution
The CATO Institute
WTO (World Trade Organization) - the WTO facilitates tariff free trade, thus allowing for the use of wage-slave labor in the third world
NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA and all other "free" trade pacts
World Bank
IMF (International Monetary Fund)
AEI (American Enterprise Institute)
WJC (World Jewish Congress)
Simon Wiesenthal Center
The entire FOX News lineup (edit: as of June 2016, FOX News anchors appear to be waking up... just a bit)
Pamela Geller
et al.

Lastly, to understand how the Neocon camp (often referred to as the "New World Order") uses the liberal globalist camp to carry out much of the necessary "trenchwork" for its NWO goals to be realized, please read my article, Anti-fascists Are VERY Useful To The New World Order.

ASIDE: These two competing ideological camps - when thought of simultaneously - are often referred to as the "left-right paradigm." Frequently, you'll hear political pundits use the expression, "the phony left-right paradigm." Let us consider the word "phony" as used in this expression. Is the left-right paradigm "phony?" Yes and no. Yes, it is "phony" in the sense that neither side (or "camp") offers anything beneficial to average people. On the other hand, no it is not phony, since the verbal battles between both camps are authentic. We often see each side arguing with the other (e.g., the Democrats -vs- the Republicans, MSNBC -vs- Fox News, etc). Some have wrongly suggested that such verbal battles are "phony," i.e., an orchestrated "show" for mass consumption to create the illusion that one side offers "solutions" whereas the other side doesn't. This idea of it being a staged show is totally false. There are indeed two sides, and they authentically do not like each other. For example, when you hear the Neocon Dennis Prager tearing into a liberal such as George Soros, this is not an "orchestrated show"; Prager sincerely despises Soros (and vice versa). Thus to summarize the point I'm trying to make -- there are two distinct camps/sides and they sincerely despise each other. The "phony" part applies when either side claims to be the "good side." The truth is that neither side is the good side since the average person gets a raw deal by both the left and right i.e., by both the Liberal camp and Neocon camp.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What Is Fascism?

Political radicals often shout, "Fascist!", "Fascist!" at anyone who doesn't agree with their views. The term is especially popular among college students. But do such people actually know what Fascism is? Have they studied it?

Unfortunately, Fascism has an undeserved bad reputation. Regardless of this reputation, Fascism is a very sensible economic and social ideology. There are a few different "flavors" of Fascism, but basically they all come down to the following.

First and foremost, Fascism is an economic system in which a nation's government plays a central role in monitoring all banking, trade, production, and labor activity which takes place within the nation. Such monitoring is done for the sole purpose of safeguarding & advancing the nation and its people. Under Fascism, the government will not approve of any business activity unless that business has a positive impact on the nation as a whole and the people of the nation - this is the axiom which determines everything within the economic aspect of Fascism.

In other words, the government asks, "Is XYZ Enterprises good for our nation and our people?" If yes, it's approved. If no, it's not approved. When they ask, "Is it good?", they mean, "Is XYZ Enterprises good for the workers, do they pay a fair wage, do they produce a product or provide a service which advances our nation & our people technologically, morally, spiritually, health-wise, etc???" For example, a pornography company would not be allowed because pornography corrupts people generally and exploits & degrades women
particularly. Also, "free" trade agreements (such as what the U.S. has with China) would never be allowed because such trade agreements result in companies sending jobs overseas (where labor is dirt cheap). Such an activity, of course, would undermine a nation's labor class. This is entirely unacceptable and thus not allowed under a Fascist economic model.

Fascism is based on free enterprise - but with constraints (the primary constraint being, "Is the particular economic activity in question good for our nation/people?"). Also, a businessman can become wealthy in a Fascist country, and the government has no objection to this (this is in stark contrast to Communism). Fascism also encourages private ownership of property (again, in stark contrast to Communism where private property is not allowed).

In a nutshell, Fascism basically tells entrepreneurs, "Go ahead and start a business, earn a lot of money, be successful, but don't produce any products or services which damage our nation and our nation's people... and make sure you treat your workers fair and pay them a living wage. If you don't follow these rules, we'll shut you down."

With regard to banking, usury is not allowed under Fascism. The government tightly controls all aspects of monetary policy, including terms of lending. The government issues/prints money and lends it interest free, as needed, to grow the economy and ultimately serve the citizens.

The above is the economic aspect of Fascism. There is also a cultural/social aspect to Fascism as well. Under Fascism, government plays a key role in monitoring: film, theatre, art, literature, music, education, etc in order to maintain a high moral standard, keep things clean and respectable, promote a strong sense of patriotism and honor, and prevent the dissemination of depraved filth which corrupts society.

With regard to political legislation introduced by a Fascist government, the same criteria is applied - "Will this proposed law benefit the nation as a whole and the people of our nation?"

A few other things to mention. Fascism encourages respect for the environment as Fascists understand that nature is the giver of life and thus must be preserved. Contrast this environmental philosophy with that of Capitalism which too often takes the short term view with regard to natural resources and foolishly believes that pollution is a necessary byproduct of profit. Also, and somewhat related to environmental issues, Fascism holds very progressive views with regard to animal rights.

Also, under Fascism, if a person doesn't like things, he/she can leave the country. Contrast this with Communism where if you don't like things, you better keep your mouth shut. And, of course, there is no option to leave the country. You will submit or else be sent to a re-education camp where you'll be brainwashed to accept the Communist system. And if you still resist, you'll probably be killed. Again, there is no leaving. Submit or suffer the consequences.

Further, Fascism holds women in very high regard. Women are the carriers of new life. They are expected to be educated, worldly, and well read. Women are encouraged to pursue their interests and have a career but only if a career won't interfere with their family's needs; family comes first, always. Women are encouraged to be strong yet feminine. Consistent with these ideas, Fascist art often portrays women as heroic and even goddess-like.

In short, Fascism is a form of government & social system which authentically serves the interests of the people and nation as a whole. The word "Fascism" comes from the Italian word "fascio" meaning "the group" or more specifically, "in consideration of the group." Fascism is rooted in the notion that people must stay true to two mental concepts throughout their lives: 1) the individual's needs (themselves) and, 2) the group's needs (their nation)... always evaluating how their individual actions affect the group. Thus Fascism rejects the self-centered "me me me" mentality so common under Capitalism. For example, in a Fascist nation each person is expected to maintain a healthy diet & lifestyle. For if not, they may become seriously ill and thus require expensive health care; this would negatively impact the group (i.e., they'd become a financial burden on the nation).

Continuing this line of thought, under Fascism all people of one's ethnicity are considered the greater family of that person. Hence, a Fascist nation is thought of as one giant family of several million people. Therefore, just as one mustn't do anything to hurt their brother or sister in their immediate family, under Fascism one mustn't do anything which would hurt the nation/group (i.e., the greater family). This is the essence of Fascism - a strong consideration of the group balanced with individualism.

During the German Third Reich, the NSDAP (i.e., "Nazis") followed all aspects of the above described Fascist system.

ASIDE: Although the economic aspect of Fascism is free-market based, Fascism is NOT Capitalism. Many on the political left wrongly equate Fascism with Capitalism. Again, Fascism is NOT Capitalism. Allow me to briefly explain: the primary goal of Capitalism is profit. On the other hand, the primary goal of Fascism is the well being of a nation's citizens and well being of the nation as a whole. In a purist-type Capitalist country (i.e., Super-Capitalism) almost nothing can interfere with maximizing profits - not workers, not the environment... almost nothing. Even when a Capitalist country starts out with tight government regulations, it invariably moves towards Laissez-faire economics (i.e., Super-Capitalism) by way of less and less government regulation. Human greed drives this transformation and ultimately the working class suffer via lower wages or loss of employment altogether if their job is, say, transferred overseas (e.g., to China) where labor is dirt cheap. Capitalists believe that immense wealth at the top will "trickle down" to the masses i.e., that everything will magically work itself out. A certain amount of wealth does "trickle down" but, too often, the worker and environment suffer. As just one example, tens of millions of American manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas during the past two decades (Capitalist so-called "free" trade policies have allowed for such outsourcing of jobs).  Of course then, just as Fascists reject Communism, they also reject Capitalism.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Liberals Are Very Useful To The Globalist Elite (and this is why the globalist elite fund liberal/leftist activist groups)

If you follow the money you'll find that large well organized militant leftist organizations, so-called "anti-fascist groups" (examples: ANSWER Coalition in the United States & UAF in Britain) are funded by global government front groups such as, the Ford Foundation, and numerous other organizations.  They are also funded by individual globalists such as George Soros.

People often ask themselves, "What's the connection between the globalist elite and radical progressive/leftist/anti-fascist organizations?"

Before I go any further let me state that most "anti-fascists" and "progressives" are generally seeking:
- Trotskyism (i.e., a borderless world based on global Marxism)
- Intermixing of all races in which everyone will supposedly have respect for one another and universal justice will prevail
- Destroying Nationalism by destroying the very concept of a nation-state (this is part of Trotskyism)

Such goals amount to what I call, "college utopianism" (i.e., hyper-naivety) and of course can never be realized except on paper (i.e., in theory). However, in working towards such goals, anti-fascists do much of the "trench work" towards:
- breaking down national borders
- promoting massive non-White immigration into the Western world (which acts as a nation-wrecking force on the West)
- promoting multiculturalism (which eventually tears a nation apart from within)

Interestingly, these are the same broad goals of the globalist elite. Hence, the globalist elite use radical progressives/leftists to do much of the trench work necessary for the globalists future "global plantation." This is a key point for people on the right to understand.

But of course, progressives/leftists have absolutely no idea they are simply useful idiots of the globalist elite. This is another key point to understand.

Anti-fascists & progressives/leftists are effective since they sincerely believe what they're doing is morally right. Their belief in their moral superiority is a powerful motivating force, propelling them to inflict much damage to society (in their quest to tear down the current order). They naively believe global justice will be realized when all nations are eliminated, all races live together, and similar utopian goals are realized. Of course this is the old communist trick which they have fallen for. A trick? Yes, because as soon as such broad goals are realized or merely approached, the globalist elite's hammer will come down hard and a "global plantation" run by tyranny will reign supreme (think Bolshevik Russia). At this point progressives/leftists/anti-fascists will wonder, "where is the utopia we worked for?"

This is the same tactic top-tier Marxists have been using for 100+ years.

The bottom line is that communism is a scam used by elites to gain absolute power. Never forget that.

Here's an example of typical progressives/leftists/anti-fascists - these being in Russia - though they're the same in every nation they operate.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Am A Humanitarian Which Is Why I FIRMLY Believe In Racial Separation

SYNOPSIS: Those who promote multiracial/multicultural societies generally mean well in that they feel they're creating a more peaceful world.  But they ignore the lessons of history and thus are essentially laying the seeds for unimaginable future conflict and bloodshed.

Multiculturalism within a nation leads to internal tension and eventual violent conflict... 6,000 years of human warfare/conflict proves this (i.e., roughly 70% of all wars throughout all recorded history are entirely rooted in racial/ethnic/religious conflict; the other 30% are purely ideologically-based). All races and ethnic groups are "tribal" & separatist in nature - these innate characteristics of human nature must be accepted and public policy should be implemented with such characteristics in mind. Hence, racial/ethnic homogeneity should be encouraged by public policy makers in each country. Pursuing racial/ethnic homogeneity in each country is the most humane way to organize the world's various peoples.

Any realistic humanitarian (such as myself) understands this reality of human nature and works within its framework.

I don't have anything against Mexicans.... in Mexico. I don't have anything against Nigerians... in Nigeria. Mexicans should remain in Mexico. Nigerians should remain in Nigeria... and so on. Further, I hope Mexicans, Nigerians and all peoples of the world live healthy and productive lives in their respective countries. I do not wish ill on any peoples of the world.

The next point I will make is a central concern of all people on the political far-right. As established by the United Nations Charter in 1945, each people/ethnicity/racial group should have their own geographic area on Earth (i.e., a bordered country) in which to exercise their right to self-determination as a unique people/ethnicity/racial group. The UN essentially follows this policy for nearly all non-White peoples of the world. However, the UN pressures White nations to maintain (and even increase) their multiracial/multicultural policies. The UN essentially demands that White nations continue allowing millions of non-Whites to immigrate into White nations. Is this a double standard? Of course.

Whites make up a mere 16% of the world's population and this percentage is measurably shrinking with each passing year. White nations are under attack -- a slow, creeping attack often appropriately termed 'demographic warfare on the West' (i.e., radical demographic change via non-White immigration into the Western World). At the present Third World immigration rates into White nations, Whites will become a minority in each White nation by 2045. And by 2080, Whites will make up 20% - 25% of each (historical) White nation. The White Western World is gradually being erased... and... once the West is gone... its gone forever. Approximately 3,500 years of Western Civilization reduced to mere scattered pieces - and this colossal transformation will likely be accomplished in a little over a century. Just ponder this for a moment: a White baby born today will likely live to see a future, say, "France" where only 25% of that country is White. Or Sweden (same story). Or America (same story). Or Greece (same story), etc. Essentially then, the people who more or less invented just about everything (i.e., Whites) are being gradually eliminated.

Some people have dismissed my concerns by saying, "every country has immigration, you're singling out White countries to make it look like they're being targeted" or they say, "human migration is part of history, get used to it."  First, as to the latter, "human migration is part of history" ... yes, indeed it is.  But it's important to focus on what's relevant, which is the modern world as defined by the formation of the modern nation-State.  Human migration which took place centuries ago (or more) is irrelevant to the modern world and those who try to include ancient human migration patterns into the debate are generally trying to confuse the listener.  As to the first comment I often hear (i.e., "every country has immigration, you're singling out White countries...) I say to them, yes, most countries have a immigration policy.  However, such policies are typically restricted to, 1) a handful of diplomats and their families, 2) a few rare cases of political asylum, and 3) perhaps even a small guest worker program which is carefully monitored to ensure the workers return to their home country upon completion of work.  Only White countries have systematic immigration polices which result in a demographic transformation of entire cities and eventually the entire country.  Name me one non-White country which has such an immigration policy?  There isn't one.

The multiculturalising of the Western World began after World War II.  Each White Western nation adopted a liberal immigration policy during this period; this legislative process began in 1954 and was complete by 1972 (see this article, point #12).  Initially, only a trickle of non-White immigrants were allowed in but within a few years the quotas were increased and have increased ever since.  Within 100 - 125 years, the White Western world will be de facto erased from the Earth, never to come back.  And not through guns, bombs, and great armies.  Rather, by way of massive immigration, mostly from the third world.  This is called "demographic warfare" - it is, for all intents and purposes, the gradual conquering of a nation by flooding it with immigrants.

A corollary to my Ethnic Nationalism worldview is the following --> I'm 100% opposed to imperialism and empire building... either carried out by European-derived peoples or carried out by any peoples of any race/ethnicity. Further, as one who is on the political far-right (and like nearly everyone on the far-right), I have been against the U.S. led Middle East wars from day one. In short, the United States has no business being in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Global humanity works best when the world is divided into nation-states where each nation-state has racial/ethnic homogeneity. Nations can trade (i.e., fair trade, not so-called "free" trade), have diplomatic relations, compete in the Olympics, etc. And, of course, there should be tolerance between nations. However, when we start mixing VERY different peoples in the same country, what generally happens??? History tells us that trouble brews and internal violent conflict results - this is not a humane way to organize the world's peoples.

Global humanity has enough difficulty maintaining peace between nations. We don't need to make matters worse by creating, via official government policy, multiracial countries which ALWAYS gravitate towards internal conflict (again, as history illustrates). Hence, humanitarians (like myself) who are realistic about human nature believe FIRMLY in racial/ethnic separatism. On the other hand, those pushing for multiculturalism are actually anti-humanitarian since they are laying the seeds for future internal national conflict (via their promotion of multicultural/multiracial nations) even though they naively think they are "building a better world."

The above is the core of my racial-realist/humanitarian philosophy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Four Forces Pushing For War With Iran

The Israel Lobby (AIPAC) is working overtime to get naive Americans to fight another war on its behalf. Politicians who call Israel out (like Ron Paul) are accused of "anti-Semitism." Never forget that the Israel Lobby runs U.S. foreign policy.

The NEOCON goal is simply to expand the American empire. Controlling Iran is yet another step towards controlling the Middle East. Forty percent of the world's energy comes from Middle East oil. Thus if one can control the Middle East, one can control forty percent of the world's energy supply. Controlling Middle East oil means you can control much of the global economy.

There is big money to be made by tapping into Iran's MASSIVE crude oil reserves.

4 - MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (i.e., war profiteers)
War is big business, very big. War profiteers simply accuse their critics of being "unpatriotic" and "standing in the way of freedom and democracy" (yaaaaawwwwwwnnnn).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Diversity Training Company Teaches Hatred Of Whites

EdChange is a well-known diversity training company based in St. Paul, MN. They offer seminars and consulting "services" to schools and companies. In other words, they "explain" to White school administrators and White corporate managers how they are "evil", "racist", and "oppressive" towards minorities. Take a look at the EdChange website to get an idea of the Marxist, America hating, White hating nature of this radical leftist organization:

The following page lists a few of the schools and companies which EdChange has indoctrinated:

EdChange also sells a wide range of radical leftist & White hating T-shirts including these two imprinted with "Cracker" and "Honkey" (click for larger image)...

What would happen if a diversity training company (or any company) sold T-shirts imprinted with "Nigger", "Gook", or "Spic"? Naturally there would be a public outcry via the mainstream media. But when Whites are mocked, the mainstream media is silent. Further, EdChange sells a wide range of other products imprinted with "Cracker" and "Honkey" (click on links)... everything from coffee mugs to baby clothes.

Here are two more examples of the type of derogatory T-shirts EdChange sells (click for larger image)...

The T-shirt "Whitey O. Pressor" is particularly disgusting. "Whitey" is an extremely offensive term, but to EdChange it's perfectly acceptable. This T-shirt further indoctrinates non-Whites into hating White people by claiming --> WHITES = OPPRESSORS. Feel free to check out the other T-shirts EdChange sells, all of a radical leftist nature.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ACLU's Agenda ----> Pro-Mexican, Pro-Muslim, Anti-Family, Anti-White, Anti-America

The ACLU's main goal is to gradually deconstruct the USA while ushering in radical Socialism. The ACLU doesn't care about Mexicans, they simply view Mexicans (and illegal aliens in general) as a destructive force within the United States. Anything that hurts the USA, the ACLU supports. Anything that damages the social fabric of America and thus weakens it, the ACLU supports. This is why the ACLU attacks the boy scouts as well as anything related to the nuclear family, church, traditional values, WASP American culture, etc. Also, the ACLU defends Islam and Muslims because Islam is a negative force within the USA (Muslim culture and Western culture do not mix, clearly). The ACLU doesn't care about Muslims, they only see them as yet another tool to wreck this country and cause it to rot from within. This is why the ACLU and other leftists have cozied up to Muslims... because both the ACLU and many Muslims have a common enemy ---> the United States and, more generally, the White Western World. And let's not forget, the ACLU is primarily made up of secular Jews.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cultural Marxism & The Subversion Of Traditional Art


Compare the beautiful painting on the left (17th century Nicolas Poussin, French) to the trash on the right (Jackson Pollock, a heavily Jewish inspired American "painter"). Click on the image for a larger version.

Cultural Marxism is a Jewish movement which began in the early 20th century. It was developed for the single purpose of attacking the Western World by bringing about depraved cultural change to the West. One aspect of Cultural Marxism is the subversion (and perversion) of all Western cultural institutions (e.g., art, film, music, theatre, etc) in order to help cause Western societies to rot from within.

In the early 20th century, so-called "Modern Art" came into existence. Talent was no longer a requirement to be an artist. One simply had to randomly slop anything on a canvas and describe the "painting" in grandiose and esoteric terms... i.e., explaining the "deep" meaning of the "art." Anyone who dared criticize the so-called "painting" was labeled "backward" and a "simpleton."

In the art world today, there are NO standards. Anything goes. Anything is counted as "art." Any trash can find 'itself' in a big city museum. It also helps if an "artist" lives a drugged-out life, stays up all night and sleeps half the day, dresses in a bizarre manner, AND, this is the most important quality, subscribes to radical leftist politics. Finally, it's important for the "artist" to constantly complain, "how the world doesn't understand me because I'm so complex."

For more on how Jews have subverted the art world, read this article in the Occidental Observer.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

How To Make A White Liberal Face Their Own Racism

Next time you meet a white liberal who praises multiculturalism and says we should "celebrate diversity", ask them the following question... "Are you a racist"? Of course they will say "NO!!" while giving you the dirtiest look imaginable. Next ask them, "OK then, if you're not a racist, tell me... would you prefer your children (i.e., WHITE children) marry another white person"? They'll typically say, "I want my kids to marry whomever they love". This is nonsense. Of course they prefer their (white) children marry another white person - it's natural. Just as blacks prefer their kids marry another black person, Asians prefer Asians, Hispanics prefer Hispanics, etc. This phenomenon is explained by Psychologist Philippe Rushton's Genetic Similarity Theory (i.e., the act of racial/ethnic preference) - it's a mild form of racism since it's a decision or preference based entirely on race/ethnicity.

If you meet a white liberal who is married, ask him/her...
"Before you got married, did you prefer to marry a white person"? They will usually say "no" followed by something like, "When I was dating, I didn't see race, I just saw the person". More liberal nonsense. About 95 out of 100 times, whites end up marrying another white person (even in racially diverse cities such as Los Angeles and New York).

If you meet a white liberal who is single, ask him/her...
"Would you prefer to marry a white person over a non-white person, if, hypothetically all characteristics were equal amongst possible mates"? When I ask this question, I find white liberals don't know what to say. Of course they would greatly prefer their ideal mate to be white, but they can't admit this due to political correctness.

The point is that EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE, is somewhat of a racist (or racial separatist). It's time we in society start to accept this. And frankly, there is nothing wrong with it. Yes, there is nothing wrong with having a personal preference to be with people who are like you, have the same ethnicity, language, culture, etc. This is why Americans in large cities tend to self-segregate into racial/ethnic neighborhoods: black neighborhoods, white neighborhoods, Korean neighborhoods, Jewish neighborhoods, Hispanic neighborhoods, Vietnamese neighborhoods, etc. Of course white multicultural enthusiasts overwhelmingly live in lily-white neighborhoods. Hypocritical? Of course.

In summary, whites overwhelmingly marry other whites and white parents always STRONGLY PREFER their children marry other whites. Blacks are the same; nearly all black parents prefer their children marry other blacks. Asians the same. Hispanics the same. And the same for Jews, in fact Jews are EXTREMELY insistent each of their children marry a Jew. All of this is normal, natural, and there is nothing wrong with it. But liberals, especially white liberals, will NEVER admit it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Europeans - Masters Of Music

Thank God for Europeans who gave the world a treasury of genius-inspired music, like this early 16th century composition by Frenchman Josquin Desprez. This piece epitomizes the greatness of Europe.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Video By Dr. William Pierce Which Every White Person Should Watch

The late Dr. William L. Pierce was a Caltech graduate, a Physics professor, & White Nationalist... a true scholar and American patriot. In this 11 part Youtube video, Dr. Pierce examines the demographic and cultural changes afflicting White America and the greater Western world.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (after Part 3, the remaining parts play automatically).

Friday, May 15, 2009

Palestinians And Israeli-Jews To Reach Equal Numbers By 2016

Demographics = destiny. Arab-Israelis have 3.1 times the birthrate of Jewish-Israelis. It's just a matter of time before the so-called "Jewish State" is no more. The fake, squatter "state" of "Israel" is the cancer of the Middle East. No Arab country causes even a tiny fraction of the problems caused by the warmongering ways of the Zionists. And the United States' mindless support for this parasitic leech "state" called "Israel" has done the USA tremendous damage.

Read the article here in Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To All Christian Zionists: This Is What "Israel" Has Done To Jesus' Baptism Site

I was recently in "Israel" where I attempted to visit Jesus' baptism site (located on the Jordan river). The site is in the Israeli-occupied West Bank (occupied since 1967). Well, the Jewish Israeli government has turned Jesus' baptism site into a minefield. How's that for respect?

You Christian supporters of "Israel" are being used. Jews mock you, laugh behind your back, and view you as "suckers" who are easy prey when it comes to fundraising for "Israel".

Click each picture for a larger image.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Political Correctness Demands That People Should Never Hate Others. But Is It Ever OK To Hate Others? Yes, If Their Actions Merit Hatred.

In our politically correct society, when one is accused of "hate" all rational debate ends the moment such an accusation is made. The person targeted by such an accusation is deemed to be mentally pathological. Hatred, we are told, is an irrational emotion i.e., a person "hates" simply because he/she likes to "hate." Hence, any rational debate as to WHY a person hates a certain group of people is avoided. But perhaps there is good reason to hate certain people. Let's look at two groups of people whom are more than worthy of hatred.

Anyone who is highly critical of illegal aliens is branded by the left as a "hater"; they are said to be "driven by hate and fear." But what's not to hate about illegal aliens??? They have illegally entered the United States and thus violated our sovereignty, they steal our jobs, drive down wages, engage in identity theft, use billions of our tax dollars in social services and K-12 education for their anchor babies, bankrupt many of our hospitals, drive without license & insurance, fly foreign flags, and march in our streets DEMANDING amnesty. Illegals then have the nerve to call any American who wants our immigration laws enforced a "racist" and "bigot." Given all this, it would be absurd NOT to hate illegal aliens.

Anyone who is critical of organized Jewry (or Jews in general) is said to be "driven by hatred of Jews" (i.e., so-called "anti-Semitism"). But almost nobody hates Jews simply because they are Jewish. Rather, people hate Jews and, in particular, organized Jewry because of their anti-American activism. Organized Jewry (examples include the ACLU, AJC, Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, WJC, JDL, etc) have for decades engaged in anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-American subversive activities. Jews have historically been the backbone of the radical left. Jews are 100% responsible for opening the immigration floodgates to the 3rd world (via the 1965 immigration act), tearing down the U.S. Constitution by twisting its meaning, promoting perversion & peddling cultural filth (via Hollywood), pushing the U.S. into needless Middle East wars, and trashing America's Christian heritage. Given all this, it would be absurd NOT to hate (most) Jews, particularly organized Jewry. Are there good & decent Jews? Of course. But unfortunately most Jews (especially those part of organized Jewry) are working against the interests of the United States and thus SHOULD be hated.