Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Iran Has Called The USA, "The Great Satan"... Are We???

Americans are usually outraged when foreign leaders criticize them. For example, the former Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, once called the USA, "the Great Satan." The "conservative" writer George Will retorted, "the United States is the paragon of morality and virtue and Khomeini should look in the mirror," a statement which reflected the sentiment felt by most Americans. But have Americans looked at America lately? Is America a moral and virtuous nation? No, we are not. In fact, we are a decadent, immoral country. Let's look at the depraved modern day America. The following is a sampling of the problems with U.S. culture/society...

- A society which has the highest teen pregnancy rate in West.

- A society in which public schools freely distribute condoms and birth control pills, in some cases to middle school students (11 - 13 years old).

- A society which has the highest birth-out-of-wedlock rate in the West.

- A society in which 38% of American children are raised in single parent households.

- A society which has one of the highest divorce rates in West (about 52% of marriages end in divorce).

- A society which has an abundance of hardcore pornography (gay, straight, bi, transsexual, anything goes... no limits).

- A society which has openly gay-friendly cities.

- A society in which gay marriage is allowed in certain states.

- A society which was the primary incubator of AIDS due to rampant American homosexual promiscuity (a deviant sexuality which is "celebrated" by U.S. mainstream media).

- A society in which hundreds of thousands of abortions (i.e., murders) are performed each year.

- A society in which people dump their aging parents in old age homes (caring for their parents would interfere with their "career").

- A culture which promotes "outsourcing" of child raising to day care centers so the mother can pursue her "career."

- A culture in which sex-out-of-wedlock is completely the norm.

- A culture in which having ten or more sex partners before marriage is very common and even acceptable.

- A society which has the highest violent crime rates of any first world country (including many thousands of murders per year).

- A society which has approximately 1.2 million hard core violent gang members roaming our streets.

- A society whose popular culture (via TV, film, and pop music) is dominated by immoral filth.

- A society which has the highest illicit drug use rate in the Western world.

- A society which feeds off the slave labor of the 3rd world so it can have excesses of materialism.

- A government which is thoroughly corrupt on all levels: federal, state, county, and municipal governments. Politically the United States is, "government of the highest bidder" i.e., highest campaign contributor.

The United States lost the bulk of its morality beginning sometime in the early 1960's. Maybe Iran is correct, maybe we have become "the Great Satan."

NOTE: In the above, I point out the USA's immorality with regard to domestic/cultural matters. Regarding foreign policy, our immoral, war-mongering ways are another Satanic-like characteristic of the United States.