Monday, May 4, 2009

To Young Americans: Protest Our Crooked Politicians By Not Joining The Military (if you're thinking about joining)

- Why "serve your country" when your politicians are definitely NOT serving you in any sense?

- Why "serve your country" when your President is hell-bent on giving amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens and hell-bent on opening the floodgates to millions more Latin American peasants who will further destroy American culture, take jobs, and drive down wages?

- Why join the military when your politicians are selling this country out to greedy bankers, greedy corporations, and internationalists?

- Why join the military when your President refuses to secure our border with Mexico?

- How can there be a "war on terror" when our borders and ports have been left wide open... nearly eight years after 9/11? This fact alone clearly suggests that the "war on terror" is a scam. Iraq is primarily about oil (and doing the bidding of "Israel" which owns our Congress). It is extremely un-American to engage in a war for the purpose of getting access to another nation's resources.

The United States has been taken over by globalist elites who don't care about you and who are actively working to undermine the sovereignty of our country... why on God's Earth would you "serve your country" given all this? Don't join the military. Don't let our phony politicians use you to advance their globalist agenda. Don't be a sucker. Protest our crooked political leaders by NOT joining the military. When a military recruiter visits your high school, tell him "NO!" and cite the reasons above. Join the military when the USA is noble again, when it adheres to law and order, when it follows the Constitution, when it puts it's citizens first and not illegal aliens first, & when it doesn't engage in needless and immoral wars.