Monday, June 15, 2009

Diversity Training Company Teaches Hatred Of Whites

EdChange is a well-known diversity training company based in St. Paul, MN. They offer seminars and consulting "services" to schools and companies. In other words, they "explain" to White school administrators and White corporate managers how they are "evil", "racist", and "oppressive" towards minorities. Take a look at the EdChange website to get an idea of the Marxist, America hating, White hating nature of this radical leftist organization:

The following page lists a few of the schools and companies which EdChange has indoctrinated:

EdChange also sells a wide range of radical leftist & White hating T-shirts including these two imprinted with "Cracker" and "Honkey" (click for larger image)...

What would happen if a diversity training company (or any company) sold T-shirts imprinted with "Nigger", "Gook", or "Spic"? Naturally there would be a public outcry via the mainstream media. But when Whites are mocked, the mainstream media is silent. Further, EdChange sells a wide range of other products imprinted with "Cracker" and "Honkey" (click on links)... everything from coffee mugs to baby clothes.

Here are two more examples of the type of derogatory T-shirts EdChange sells (click for larger image)...

The T-shirt "Whitey O. Pressor" is particularly disgusting. "Whitey" is an extremely offensive term, but to EdChange it's perfectly acceptable. This T-shirt further indoctrinates non-Whites into hating White people by claiming --> WHITES = OPPRESSORS. Feel free to check out the other T-shirts EdChange sells, all of a radical leftist nature.