Monday, May 11, 2009

Political Correctness Demands That People Should Never Hate Others. But Is It Ever OK To Hate Others? Yes, If Their Actions Merit Hatred.

In our politically correct society, when one is accused of "hate" all rational debate ends the moment such an accusation is made. The person targeted by such an accusation is deemed to be mentally pathological. Hatred, we are told, is an irrational emotion i.e., a person "hates" simply because he/she likes to "hate." Hence, any rational debate as to WHY a person hates a certain group of people is avoided. But perhaps there is good reason to hate certain people. Let's look at two groups of people whom are more than worthy of hatred.

Anyone who is highly critical of illegal aliens is branded by the left as a "hater"; they are said to be "driven by hate and fear." But what's not to hate about illegal aliens??? They have illegally entered the United States and thus violated our sovereignty, they steal our jobs, drive down wages, engage in identity theft, use billions of our tax dollars in social services and K-12 education for their anchor babies, bankrupt many of our hospitals, drive without license & insurance, fly foreign flags, and march in our streets DEMANDING amnesty. Illegals then have the nerve to call any American who wants our immigration laws enforced a "racist" and "bigot." Given all this, it would be absurd NOT to hate illegal aliens.

Anyone who is critical of organized Jewry (or Jews in general) is said to be "driven by hatred of Jews" (i.e., so-called "anti-Semitism"). But almost nobody hates Jews simply because they are Jewish. Rather, people hate Jews and, in particular, organized Jewry because of their anti-American activism. Organized Jewry (examples include the ACLU, AJC, Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, WJC, JDL, etc) have for decades engaged in anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-American subversive activities. Jews have historically been the backbone of the radical left. Jews are 100% responsible for opening the immigration floodgates to the 3rd world (via the 1965 immigration act), tearing down the U.S. Constitution by twisting its meaning, promoting perversion & peddling cultural filth (via Hollywood), pushing the U.S. into needless Middle East wars, and trashing America's Christian heritage. Given all this, it would be absurd NOT to hate (most) Jews, particularly organized Jewry. Are there good & decent Jews? Of course. But unfortunately most Jews (especially those part of organized Jewry) are working against the interests of the United States and thus SHOULD be hated.