Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Been A Month Since Andrew Adler (A Jewish American Publisher) Wrote An Op-Ed Proposing That Israel Should Assassinate Obama. Any Punishment?



It's been a month since the above "American" Jew openly proposed that Israel's MOSSAD (an Israeli agency like our CIA) should assassinate President Obama. The Secret Service paid him a visit but nothing came of it - no arrest, no jail time, no charges filed, etc.

Adler denied being an Israel-Firster (one who puts Israel's interests first, even if pursuing those interests harms his/her own country) though nobody in his/her right mind buys Adler's claim. Let's just say Andrew Adler is about as patriotic as Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were.

Adler later apologized but only after he got a slap on the wrist from his Jewish brethren (who most likely forced him to apologize).  Mr. Adler's only crime in the minds of his Jewish brethren was that he (Adler) publicly wrote what many Jewish elite surely talk about amongst themselves in private. Further, to create an illusion of formal censure against him, Mr. Adler resigned "under pressure" (wink) from his post at the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Did the mainstream media cover this story?? Barely. Outside of Atlanta, Adler's call for Obama to be assassinated was, for all intents and purposes, ignored by national media outlets. But just for a second imagine if a Muslim American did the same thing? Or imagine if a White Christian American did this? It would be front page news from L.A. to New York. But, a Jew does it and he gets off with a simple apology.

Q: What does this tell you about the power structure in the United States?

A: Jews run this country, every institution, from top to bottom.

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