Saturday, December 6, 2008

Secular Jews Are Repeating Mistakes Of The Past And Thus Becoming The Most Hated Group In The USA

Though Jews represent only about 2% of the USA's population (secular Jews are about 80% of all American Jews), they are doing immeasurable damage to America by undermining its core values, basic principles, Christian majority beliefs and practices, right to sovereignty and secure borders, right to national unity and singular culture, and right to enforce current immigration laws against illegal aliens.

Through their actions and relentless activism in the areas of legislation, journalism, and popular media/culture, many secular Jews are quickly creating tens of millions of WASP American enemies. Over the past 80 years, Jews have increasingly gained a reputation of being American deconstructionists, hence anti-American. Unfortunately, it seems Jews haven't heeded lessons of their past mistakes. They inhabit an area and quickly infuriate the natives through their activism against the natives' ideals, culture, and creed. As a result, they are persecuted. This pattern has repeated itself for thousands of years. The latest chapter sees this happening in the United States.

In light of the current raging national debate regarding illegal aliens, the vast majority of American Jews have sided with illegal aliens. Their siding with illegal aliens is not a passive one. Its a highly aggressive... a legal, journalistic, and popular media assault against all Americans who simply want current immigration laws enforced, want illegal aliens deported, and want America's borders secured. It should be noted there are a handful of Jews fully against illegal immigration (a few radio talk show hosts, for example), but the vast majority of secular American Jews are clearly on the side of illegal aliens. They fight for illegals' so-called "rights" with tenacious, relentlessly passion. Regardless of the fact that massive immigration into the USA from Latin American 3rd world countries will no doubt destroy the current way of life in America, Jews press on and push for amnesty for illegal aliens along with open borders, thus enabling tens of millions more 3rd world people to flood into the USA.

The majority of lawyers working for anti-American organizations like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center are secular Jews. Their insane obsession with removing all religious (specifically Christian) references in public spaces is not motivated by a simple desire to be true to the Constitution's notion of so-called church/state separation. Rather their motivation is to de-Christianize America. They began this assault in earnest during the latter half of the last century by first attacking religious icons and religious text in public spaces. With each passing year, we see their attacks more brazen and outrageous.

Secular Jews are the most prominent force in Hollywood/popular culture, mass media, and every form of journalism. Through their domination they have, year by year, incrementally taken steps towards transforming American culture from innocence to decadence. Jews have used the immeasurable power of TV, film, and popular music as tools towards shaping (lowering) American moral standards, attitudes, values, and beliefs ie. poisoning American culture. The vast majority of damage has been done during the past 50 years. In this short time, American popular culture has gone from "Father Knows Best" to "Sex and the City", from the innocence of "Marty" (best picture 1955) to hard core pornography, from The Andrew Sisters to violent gangsta rap. With each succeeding year, decency standards are "advanced" towards immoral filth, all under the political cover of "Freedom of Expression" and the exercise of First Amendment rights.
Society's degradation has naturally followed the degradation of popular culture, as evidenced by: historically high divorce rates, more children born out of wedlock than ever before, rampant adultery, promiscuity reaching the status of normal behavior, skyrocketing teen pregnancy, out of control crime (especially in large urban areas), and widespread drug use.

In summary, many secular American Jews are working against America, the country which gave them refuge; the country where capitalism and freedom allowed Jews to flourish and often rise to the top of American society.