Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mexican-Americans Blame Their Failures On U.S. "Oppression"... But Why Are Asians So Successful In America?

Illegal Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans (i.e., citizens) living in the USA are economically the lowest ethnic group in America. They have the lowest education level, the highest high school dropout rate, the lowest savings rate, the lowest home ownership rate, and the lowest average income. Most U.S. hispanic neighborhoods are rife with gangs, crime, graffiti, low property values, lack of business investment, etc. Generation after generation, nothing improves in U.S. hispanic neighborhoods. Some examples include East Los Angeles, Corona/Queens New York City, South Chicago, many areas of Phoenix & Tuscon, etc. We see the pattern repeated in communities now being inundated with Mexicans: Denver, Atlanta, Washington DC, Portland, Indianapolis, etc. In each of these cities, we see that when Mexicans move in, the neighborhood they move into suffers: gangs, graffiti, trash, poverty, etc. Mexicans usually blame their lack of standing on "American oppression." Specifically, they say America holds them down by way of "White racism."

Racism??? Really??? But what about Asians????
If White Americans are so racist, why is it that Asian immigrants are so successful in the USA? Asians have dark skin, different eye appearance, and their culture/language is radically different from American culture/language. Hence, shouldn't White Americans "oppress" Asians even more than they supposedly "oppress" Mexicans??? Many Asians came to the USA as refuges... so-called "boat people" from Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos. Yet when one visits, for example, a heavily Vietnamese neighborhood in America (central Orange County, CA for example) one finds a generally clean & respectable community. The Vietnamese value education highly and they often attend the most prestigious American universities. The same holds for, say, Koreans and Chinese living in the USA. Thousands of Chinese slip into the U.S. illegally every year by hiding in shipping containers which cross the Pacific Ocean. Decades ago, Chinese did experience discrimination in America, but that has largely changed. Chinese now often flourish in the USA.

Many Japanese-Americans were interned during WWII but that was decades ago; it's generally a different America today as so-called "racism" and discrimination are, for the most part, relics of the past. Japanese typically excel in America. Learning English when one speaks Chinese, Korean, or Japanese is extremely difficult, far more difficult than learning English when one speaks Spanish. Yet why do we never hear, for example, "Press 2 for Chinese?"

Why do Asian immigrants view affirmative action as a personal insult, and yet Mexicans complain that we need more affirmative action programs and quotas must be raised to allow more hispanics to attend college. Asians certainly don't need affirmative action, and frankly, Asians are (in a few fields of study) higher academic achievers than White Americans. Boy oh boy, we White Americans sure are "oppressive" towards those Asians!! Looking at California, Asians only make up 12% of California's population but represent 34% of the prestigious University of California system student body (all ten schools). On the other hand, hispanics make up a whopping 38% of California's population (most are Mexican-Americans) yet they only represent 8% of the UC student body. There are endless statistics like this and they are simple enough to look up (and I urge you, the reader, to do so).

The reality is that Mexican culture isn't upwardly mobile and it doesn't value education in the same way that Asian culture does. All the opportunities exist in this country for success; Mexicans ignore the opportunities while Asians see them as a gift.

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