Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Are Jews Seen As Weak People?

Jews are viewed as weak because they constantly play "victim". Strong people rise above notions of victimhood. Most people have far too much pride and dignity to play "victim". But Jews incessantly whine about so-called "anti-semitism" and endlessly remind the world of their alleged suffering (ie. the "holocaust"). Jews essentially are saying, "feel sorry for us... we suffered". Do strong people want others to feel sorry for them? Of course not.

Roughly 55 million people died during WWII, but do you hear any other group of people whining like Jews do? No. Approximately 20 million Russians died in that war... do you hear Russians crying like children in search of sympathy? Hardly. Russians have far too much self-respect to complain the way Jews do. Russians understand that complaining and playing up "victimhood" is a sure sign of weakness. On May 9th of each year, Russia holds a quiet and dignified ceremony to honor the 20 million dead Russians (WWII casualties). Few people around the world know about this ceremony - just the way Russians prefer it.

Any little thing said about Jews/Israel/the holocaust which does not follow the Jewish sanctioned view is viewed as an "attack" upon Jews. Jews then whine on TV, in newspapers, hold press conferences and demand an apology. What other group of people carry on the way Jews do? None. Jews can take no criticism; a sure sign of a weak people. One wonders if and when Jews will every get some dignity and stop playing the "victim" game?