Saturday, September 27, 2008

Massive 3rd World Immigration Into White Western Nations = Tool Of Global Elite To Break Apart The West

Massive 3rd world immigration into white Western nations (ie. multiculturalism) is a tool the global elite have been using to slowly break apart white Western nations. Ethnic/racial balkanization always results when different "tribes" occupy the same land. A cursory look at the last 6,000 years of recorded history proves this. The global elite know that multiculturalism will tear any nation apart from within, which is exactly why they have been pushing multiculturalism for the past 50 years on the West. The global elite want a one world gov't and Western nations stand as the #1 obstacle to this goal, this is why the elite set out some 50 years ago to destroy the West. They have no army to do so and hence they use massive 3rd world immigration to achieve this goal. Combined with massive immigration is a slick public relations campaign with slogans like, "diversity is our strength", "celebrate diversity", etc. All nonsense. Diversity is a weakness, a cancer... history proves this.

Don't be fooled into believing multiculturalism is a strength. The truth is that whites are being targeted. Have you ever noticed that it's only white nations which are subjected to massive immigration and who must henceforth "celebrate diversity"?? Do you hear about diversity campaigns in Japan, China, Middle Eastern countries, African countries, etc.????? Never.

In closing I will say that I am (like many people)am curious about the world and it's different cultures, but that doesn't mean I want to bring the world's various cultures to settle in the United States! I am keenly aware that mixing endless numbers of cultures/ethnicities/etc in the same nation will always lead to a fractured society and will eventually lead to violent conflict. History proves this.