Thursday, July 10, 2008

Liberals Are Unknowingly Working Against The U.S. Labor Class

Liberals who support illegal immigrants are actually (unknowingly) siding with greedy U.S. corporations. Why? Because they (ie. liberals) are (unknowingly) protecting corporate America's cheap labor pool.

WHO WINS? Greedy companies AND illegal workers (earning FAR more than what they earned in whichever Latin American country they are from).

WHO LOSES? The U.S. labor class (U.S. "proletariat") via job losses to illegal workers & depressed wages.

Thus 122 years of U.S. labor struggle (carried out since the Haymarket Rebellion of 1886) is being undermined, just as corporations like it.

But liberals claim they want to legalize all so-called "undocumented workers" and then unionize them along with American citizens in specific industries (eg. meat packing, construction, hotel maids, fast food, etc). First, this solves nothing because of something called labor saturation (ie. too many workers for too few jobs). Labor saturation always benefits employers, presence of a union or not. Second, it's extremely unfair to ask Americans to join forces (in a union) with newly amnestied illegals. Why should Americans have to compete with border jumpers? Americans working in the above mentioned industries, even if unionized, would suffer lower pay (ie. wage depression). How so? An employer would be able to negotiate lower wages in such a labor saturated situation - labor saturation weakens a union's bargaining ability since the possibility of "scabs" is very real with too many workers and not enough jobs.

What American worker would entertain the idea of forming such a "liberal utopia" union? Few would. Why should they? But suppose such a union was indeed formed. What would happen? The hispanic wing of the union (made up of recently amnestied hispanics) would be the union's weak link. Since most of these people are from Mexico or another Latin American country, they're used to a lower standard of living (compared to American workers). Thus, they would be more willing (vs the American workers) to vote for a "low ball" wage offer from management. This amounts to wage depression for the American workers in the union.

Finally, in addition to amnesty, liberals insist on open borders, allowing for an endless stream of new cheap labor workers. Do liberals intend to amnesty and unionize these new arrivals? Yes. And that leads to EVEN MORE labor saturation. Even Cesar Chavez recognized the insanity of amnesty and open borders when he said, "the enemy of organized labor is illegal labor, and the endless supply of it."